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Complete software solution for Taxi & Group Transport

inITS is one of the most powerful European software solution for taxi companies and organized group transport.


inITS  is designed to be flexible and support business growth.


The inTAXI team are always developing our leading technology to ensure that our product remains at the forefront of industry technological advances.


With over 12 years’ experience in the taxi and software industries, inITS was built for taxi people.

The inITS consists of the following optional modules and functionalities


For owners, support and super admins for managing drivers, tariffs, POIs etc.


Interface (for booking agents) for creating and scheduling trips, planning trips, monitoring etc.

Static & Dynamic Planning

Tool for combining multiple trips in a single route

Other modules and functionalities

Customer portal

For ordering trips through a web interface

Driver App

Android application for accepting and managing driver-side parts of the trip, creating trips etc.

Customer App

Ordering and canceling trips, performing payments, viewing trip history etc.


Integrations with taxi providers, telephony centrals, online payment providers and many others